Crystal Resonators DST410S

Crystal Resonators DST410S

Crystal Resonators DST410SModel No.: DST410S
SMD Tuning Fork Crystal Resonator with size 4115 and thickness 0.75mm miniature,thin and light weight
High precision and reliability with ceramic package
Suitable for various applications,particularly mobile telecommunications equipment.

General Specification:
Model: DST410S
Nominal frequency: 32.768 KHz
Mode of vibration: Fundament
Frequency tolerance: +/-20ppm, +/-30ppm (at 40 C)
Series Resistance: 80Ko max
Load capacitance: series, 9pf,12pf
Shunt capacitance: 1.5pf  Typ.
Drive level: 0.2uW (1.0uW max)
Paraboli temperature: +25C (+/-5C)
Two Dimensional Temperature contant: -0.04*10-6/C2 max
Operating temperature: -40C - +85C
Storage temperature: -40C - +85C
Packing unit: 3000pcs/reel
Consult with our sales representative for other specification
ROHS compliant,Pb free


Product Origin: China
Model Number: DST410S
Brand Name: CSF

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